Church Management System (CHMS)

Enterprise Business Info Systems

EBIS Church Management System is a secure database and communication portal for various congregations. It is aimed to grow the church and reach out to the congregation. It provides a record keeping system for churches and organizations, through its communication portal. It seeks to facilitate communication among the congregation across the world.

Congregation Database

The essential data and information about the Church and members of the congregation such as, name, address, date of birth etc., are inputted into the Management System and is manipulated by authorized users.

Communicate with Ease

SMS is super easy with Church Management System. Messages are sent at zero cost. Congregation using the solution can save cost of SMS by sending a push notification.

Email helps you to connect or get different newsletters from different channels on matters concerning the church. This is to ensure that they have up-to-date news on the church and its activities.

Events scheduled will be communicated to church members with no trouble and those who are involved or plan to be involved can find it as an effective medium of communication.

Reporting church’s meeting minutes, sermons, schedules etc., can be managed by the Church Management System with ease, without difficulties.

Giving Box provides a digital way to make payments such as offerings, tithes and donations to the church with members being able to specify the purpose of each payment.